Móttökuáætlun nýbúa á ensku

Reception plan for new students at Fellaskóli 


The Act on Compulsory Schools no. 91/2008 states that schools must have a reception plan for new students who are not native Icelandic speakers. The plan should be based on the students’ background, language ability and their competence in other areas of study. Furthermore, the plan should ensure that the students and their parents receive the necessary information about the school and its functions. 


Fellaskóli’s reception plan includes the enrolment of the student, a reception interview and general preparations for the student’s arrival. Furthermore, the plan involves informing the school’s staff as well as the students and their parents of the new student. A reception team will include the principal, the student’s new supervising teacher and the department head for the support service. One member of the reception team is appointed as the head of reception; responsible for the overall reception of the new student. 


The student’s enrolment: 

The principal 

  • will request data from previous school(s) with the parents’/guardians’ permission. 

  • will notify the new student’s supervising teacher of his/her arrival. 

  • is responsible for preparing and timing the reception interview in collaboration with the parents/guardians. 

  • will order an interpreter if necessary. 


The reception interview: 

Responsible: The head of reception 

Attendees are the student, the parents/guardians, the principal, the supervising teacher, the department head for the support service and - if needed - an interpreter. 


In the interview: 

  • the student’s personal data will be collected from the parents/guardians (and the student). 

  • the student will be presented with information about the school, the studies, the possibility of the pre/after-school program and leisure activities. 

  • the attendees will be invited to an introductory walking tour around the school building. 

  • the student’s first day of school will be decided. 

  • it will be determined how the student’s home and the school will communicate in the future (phone, email, in what language and, if needed, when to call for an interpreter). 

  • in cooperation with the parents/guardians a date will be arranged for a follow-up meeting. 


Preparations in the classroom: 

Responsible: The supervising teacher 

  • The other students in the class will be notified of the new student’s arrival and/or the student presents herself/himself with the assistance of the supervising teacher if they wish to do so. 

  • The student’s native country is presented, with the participation of the student if he/she wishes. 

  • The students’ parents are notified of the new arrival via email. 


Preparations among the Fellaskóli staff: 

Responsible: The supervising teacher and the department head of the support services 

  • In a teachers’ meeting, the present will be notified of the student’s upcoming arrival and his/her study level and social circumstances explained. 

  • Other staff members will be provided with basic information and the student’s social circumstances. 

  • To begin with, one staff member will be appointed as the student’s contact person outside the classroom. The need for such a contact person will be reevaluated after 4 weeks. 


The first steps in a new school: 

Responsible person: The supervising teacher and the principal 

  • The student will be assisted in communicating with the classmates. 

  • A status evaluation of the student’s knowledge of Icelandic will take place after 3-4 weeks. The supervising teacher and the department head of the support services/special needs teacher will determine whether further Icelandic lessons are needed, considering in the process the defined rights of increased Icelandic lessons of students who are not native speakers. 

  • An individual curriculum or a modified curriculum if needed. 

  • Subject teachers, other than the supervising teacher, will inform the latter of the student’s study status after 4 weeks. 

The collaboration between the school and the home: 

Responsible: The supervising teacher and the principal 

  • The parents/guardians will be informed of the student’s study and social status after 4 weeks. 

  • The parents/guardians will be advised on how to provide support for their child’s studies. 

  • Regular meetings will be arranged between the home and the school if considered necessary. 


Fellaskóli, October 2018